diag sys session full-stat

diagnose sys session filter src IP_DE_ORIGEM

diagnose sys session filter dintf INTERFACE_DESTINO

diag sys session list

Outro exemplo

diagnose debug flow filter addr

diagnose debug flow show console enable

diagnose debug flow show function-name enable

diagnose debug console timestamp enable

diagnose debug flow trace start 50

diagnose debug enable

COMPARATIVO DE COMANDOS (vários fabricantes)

Comparativos de comandos Cisco, Brocade, Juniper, Fortigate e Palo Alto

Download da tabela

CiscoBrocadeJuniperFortigatePalo Alto
show versionshow versionshow versionget system status
configure terminalconfigure terminalconfigure ou editn/a
copy running-config startup-configwrite memorycommit and-quitn/a
reload at reload after request system reboot at yymmddhhmmn/a
ip route metric 10ip route metric 10set routing-options static route next-hop routing static
edit x
set gateway
set distance 10
set device port2
set dst
show vlanshow vlan brief ethernet x/yshow vlansshow system interfaces ou get system interfaces
show process cpushow process cpushow system processes extensivediagnose top-summary
dirshow flashshow system storagediag system flash list
show versionshow version
show system uptimeget system status
show version ou show diagshow versionshow chassis forwardingget system status
show environmentshow environment power
show environment sensor
show system monitor
Show switch status
show chassis environmentexecute sensor list ou execute sensor detail
show version ou show diagshow environment power
show environment sensor
show system monitor
show chassis hardwareget system status
show memory summaryshow system monitorshow chassis routing-enginediagnose top-summary
reloadreload after request system rebootexecute reload
show ntp associationsshow ntp associationsshow ntp associationsdiag sys ntp status
show ntp statusshow ntp statusshow ntp statusdiag sys ntp status
show loggingshow loggingshow log ou
show system alarms ou
Show log messages
diag sniff pack any 'host' 4 ou
diag sniff pack any 'port 3389' 4 ou
diag sniff pack any 'host and port 445' 4
show usersshow usersshow system usersget system logged-users
show protocolssh int briefshow system connectionsdiagnose sys session list
diagnose sys session filter
show tcpshow system connectionsdiagnose sys session list
diagnose sys session filter
clear line xkilltelnetrequest system logout usernameget sys info admin status
execute disconnect-admin-session x
terminal length 0Skip-page-display | no-moren/a
Interface fa01
interface ethernet 1/1/8
interface fa0/0
configure system interface
edit x
set status disable
show running-configurationshow config ou
show run
show configurationshow full-configuration
show policy-mapshow class-of-serviceconfig router policy
interface f0/1interface ethernet 1/1/8interface fa0/0configure system interface
show ip interfaces ou show interfaceshow interfacesshow interfacesshow system interfaces ou
get system interfaces ou
diag netlink interface list
show interface port-channelshow interfaces lagshow lacp interfaces ou show interface ae0show system interfaces ou
get system interfaces ou
diag netlink aggregate name your_aggregate_link
show ip interfaces briefshow interfaces terseshow system interfaces ou
get system interfaces ou
diag netlink interface list
show policy-map interfaceshow traffic-policyshow class-of-service interface
sh ip routeshow routeget router info routing-table all
show ip route summaryshow route summaryget router info routing-table all
show ip routeshow route forwarding-tableget router info routing-table all
show ip route route detailget route info rout detail
clear countersclear interfaces statistics alldiag netlink interface clear x
show techsupportrequest support informationdiag debug report
show interfaceshow statistics ethernetdiagnose hardware deviceinfo nic
show arpshow mac-address-tableshow ethernet-switching table brief ou show bridge mac-tableget system arp ou diagnose ip arp list
show ip nat translationdiagnose system session list
clear ip nat translationdiagnose system session clear
n/acommit check n/a
n/acommit at “2017-09-15 23:59”n/a
copy running-config startup-configcommit confirmed 1n/a
copy running-config startup-configcommit and-quitn/a
ping ping
ping count 100ping rapid count 100 ping-options repeat-count 100
traceroute traceroute
show clockshow clockget system status
show route-mapshow traffic-policyshow policy
undebug allundebugundebug alldiagnose debug disable
diagnose debug flow trace stop
diagnose debug flow filter clear
diagnose debug reset
show stack
show stack connection
show stack detail
show stack failover
show stack link-sync status
show stack neighbors
show statistics brief management 1
show statistics management 1
show statistics stack-ports
show stp-bpdu-guard
diagnose vpn ike log-filter src-addr4
diagnose debug application ike -1
diagnose debug enable

diagnose debug disable
diagnose vpn ike log-filter clear


netstat -rWn


Letter Flag Meaning
1 RTF_PROTO1 Protocol specific routing flag #1
2 RTF_PROTO2 Protocol specific routing flag #2
3 RTF_PROTO3 Protocol specific routing flag #3
B RTF_BLACKHOLE Discard packets during updates
b RTF_BROADCAST Represents a broadcast address
D RTF_DYNAMIC Created dynamically by redirect
G RTF_GATEWAY Destination requires forwarding by intermediary
H RTF_HOST Host entry (net otherwise)
L RTF_LLINFO Valid protocol to link address translation
M RTF_MODIFIED Modified dynamically (by redirect)
R RTF_REJECT Host or net unreachable
S RTF_STATIC Manually added
U RTF_UP Route usable
X RTF_XRESOLVE External daemon translates proto to link address